Make-Up Monday: Skin Care Products

Taking care of your skin is imperative especially as you get older and I wanted to share with you my current and favorite skin care products!

TFH Makeup Monday Fav Products.jpg

As I've mentioned before in a previous blog post:

I have sensitive skin, even using too many of these products at once can cause me to break out. I prefer to use natural and/or organic products and Burt's Bees sensitive facial cleaner, daily moisturizing cream, and Radiance Night Cream have been my favorite go to's for years. Ever since I started using these products my skin has been so smooth but be careful on the amount of night cream you use because it can make your skin a little oily.

EOS, EOS, EOS! What more can I say, I will never use another lip balm again!!

Now that I am getting a little older I have started using the Physicians Formula Aging Wrinkle Corrector and Firming Cleanser. It has really helped with the few fine lines that have began to show up, so if you're worried or looking to incorporate an anti-aging lotion to your routine I highly recommend this!

Now finally my new favorites! Over a year ago I invested into Sevenly's Causebox and it was the best investment I ever made. By donating quarterly or annually you will receive seasonal boxes full of goodies, but the best part about your donation is knowing you're helping women in need in foreign countries and helping creating a better life for them with jobs to help their families. The gifts within the Causebox are from these women with their stories. The connection is empowering!

Within my Causebox I have received a few skin care products but my top would have to be from OSEA, Love For Humanity Organics, and One Love Organics. Since being introduced to their products I want all of them! These are lifelong products that I will continue to use, plus my skin has never been better! And what do I love the most about these products? The fact that they are all organic and that they are even vegan, like OSEA and just an added plus.. they all smell amazing!

Go out today, try out these products and let me know what you think!