When Life Gives You Lemons

I have definitely been hit with universal curve balls this year. It hasn't been an easy year with my vehicle dying, losing my job in layoffs but thankfully getting offered a different position in the company, our apartment flooding.. again, my grandma passing away last month, not being accepted to university and then some. These last 6 months have left me feeling drained, a bit unmotivated and uninspired, and a recluse; as well as getting back into unhealthy routines.


Throughout this time of mourning and difficulties it's been so imperative to try and stay positive. Learning to navigate the ups and downs of life, discovering how to love myself, what motivates me to be inspired and to do good for myself, and to be a good partner with Brandon. All these are so important but can feel so muddled when life gets heavy.

Before leaving for California at the beginning of May I began changing my morning/daily routine for the better; if you work from home you know how easy it is to just roll out of bed 5 minutes before work starts, pop open your computer, drink coffee, answer emails, all while never changing out of PJs. While we have all been there, there is really nothing like starting the day on a positive note with simple goals like getting up earlier, showering, drinking a bottle of water, and getting in a good work out during lunch. I feel more energized and ready to tackle the day!

lemon 2.JPG

As I get older and have put on a couple extra pounds, I also find myself becoming more focused on how I am taking care of my body. Am I eating the right foods to nourish myself? Am I being active enough? Do I feel good? No, but knowing that I am taking steps daily by making healthy choices and changes for my health, energy levels, and mental motivation has brought a lot of happiness and growth to my life!

I am looking forward to continuing making healthy choices by starting each day with my morning routine and with the warmer weather nearly here I am so excited to spend afternoons outside, picnics, hiking, camping, BBQ's, fireworks, campfires, week road trips, staycations, you name it! The warmer weather has also inspired fresh new artistic ideas for The Flourishing Hippie and I am currently in the works of creating an Etsy shop of DIY goodies and macramé!

More on that later!

Thank you for your love my fellow hippies. Happy Monday!