Summer On A Budget

June is here and with that brings the unofficial start of Summer!

Summer is the perfect time of year to make plans, get out, and away. Yet with plans to move this August and saving for Europe next year I need easy and affordable summer entertainment. Here are my cheap ideas for fun summer plans on a friendly budget!



Camping can be a pretty inexpensive way to get out into nature and enjoy the sunshine! Who doesn't love s'mores over the campfire?! Although you may have to pay for a camping spot chipping in with a bunch of friends can keep it pretty cheap. Plus you can always opt to camp out in your backyard and still have the convenience of being close to home, and why not glamorize too? Glamping can get a little spendy but the luxury of enjoying the outdoors and being comfortable is totally worth it!


I love spending a evening enjoying the summer air, a picnic with fresh summer fruits and a little rose, and a movie in the park with friends and loved ones. Gene Coulon Memorial Park in Renton, WA is the perfect location to enjoy a movie, a beautiful ocean view, and a milkshake! A lot of local parks offer fun events throughout the summer, check out what your local parks offer!


Who doesn't love a good ol' road trip?! Even if you're only a couple of hours away keeping it local isn't bad and it's the perfect chance to check out a town you may have always wanted to see, and it's cheaper than a flight. Road trips are a great bonding experience, with memories that will last a lifetime! One of my favorite parts of a road trip is chatting and singing at the tops of my lungs to the best playlist for the whole ride, am I right?!


Take advantage of those gorgeous sunny days with a day by the pool or at the beach! Enjoying some quiet time with a good book and a little sun can be so relaxing and just the perfect remedy after a busy work day or week. Although if you don't live near the beach or a pool who says you can't act like a little kid again and run through some sprinklers?! Summer is the season to soak in those happy and free spirited moments life brings no matter how small.

dinner party.jpg

I LOVE summer dinner parties! Summer dinner parties for me always mean quality time spent with amazing people and even better conversation, great BBQ, and a good beer. Why not string up Christmas lights, grill kabobs, and have a potluck to kick off the summer or even an end of summer shindig with friends and family? Be sure to have a Polaroid on had to capture all those memories!