March has always been one of my favorite months because the world is waking up again from Winter, and yet this March has been interesting to say the least which is why I've been MIA..


Earlier this month I mentioned that I was laid off from my job with about 50 others. When I first heard the news I was upset, who wouldn't be right?! I'm losing my income; where am I going to go in a highly populated state with a competitive market? As I weighed my options, refreshing my resume, LinkedIn profile, and contemplating my next move that I was pushing off for a few more months it dawned on me. I realized this is the perfect opportunity!

With our California vacation the first week of May I decided to take April off to start focusing on some much needed changes.

I'll be honest and open with all of you, I have been struggling. I've been thinking (continuously) about how I'll be 30 in August and it's been making me feel pretty low. It's not the age I'll be but more the feeling of being unsatisfied. I know you all can probably relate to how I feel, as kids when we thought we'd be "super successful when I'm 30" and yet here I am feeling no where close. I'm proud though to be making steps to where I want to be in this next decade of my life every day. We are all meant to get to our destinations when we are meant to and I am working on what I want for myself, manifesting and pushing that positive energy into the world.

coat 2.jpg

What kind of changes do I want to do?!

  • Art: To find my artistic rhythm again, to feel inspired by every day life and use that inspiration to encourage my growth as a photographer and artistic creator. I have seen growth just in the last week by getting out and walking my city. Inspiration is everywhere I just have to keep looking for it.
  • Self-Love: Take the time to be empowered through who I am. Lift up my positive traits and work on those that I know need fixin'. Learn to love myself for who I am, encourage body positivity within myself and for others through healthy choices mentally, physically, and emotionally. To not be weighed down by insecurities and inhibitions that dictate how I share artistically, especially through outfit posts. Outfit posts I often feel very self conscious, I want to start working on exuding confidence through the love I have for myself and to not be hindered mentally, by comparing myself to others. To share my happiness and joy with all of you because really that's why I created TFH to share with you all the wonderful moments of life in a fun and creative way!

Thank you for your love and support my fellow hippies, I wouldn't work this hard to be better without you! Please comment below and let me know what you'd love to see on the blog. More YouTube videos or makeup video tutorials? Real life moments or more of my fashion favorites? Let me know! <3