My Current Favorites: Endless Summer

A little bit of Autumn and a whole lot of Summer!

With Summer on the way out I am trying to catch the last few warm rays before the rain and chilly fall and winter nights come quickly (which honestly I'm very excited for! I LOVE Autumn and scarves!).

Right now we are binging on one of my favorite shows Friends! My man has never seen all of Friends... I know right?! But I love Friends and now so does he!

This summer has included my favorite new pair of sunglasses and shooting on my thrifted Olympus OM-2 film camera throughout our trips and adventures. I have fallen in love with film all over again, I remember growing up and watching my mom shoot on film and having all the memories and tips flood back as I settled back into it.

I've also currently been using some of my favorite Summer into Autumn nail colors which are Wicked, on the left, and Mrs Always-Right! They are a perfect match to my favorite lip shades which is never a bad thing.

Finally I cannot stay away from Autumn anymore, it is just calling my name! I am a huge coffee fan and I usually love an iced Americano but these little Starbucks Via Instant Pumpkin Spice Latte packs in my 1970s vintage mug are perfect when I just want to be that girl.

In the end, I love Summer but I cannot wait for Fall!