A Kinfolk Adventure

I am one who tries to make any outing an adventure and this adventure was definitely a great one spent with my lovely breaded man!

This adventure involved picking up the new Kinfolk Fall 2016 issue.

What I love about Kinfolk is how they explore human nature; they delve to understand the whole workings of what life is. This issue in particular is all about the home. It does not focus on the objects themselves but about what home really means and the stories surrounding what is involved about what makes home, home.

Our adventure continued throughout the day where we ended up having lunch at Panera which is always an amazing choice! We just relaxed outside on the patio, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying each others company and a mocha!

All I can say is make each day the best, even if it is just going to pick up a magazine. And end it with taking some portraits with some roses, and don't forget to smell them too!