Make-Up Monday: Lip Care and Face Masks

I have been looking to establish a more concrete skin care routine but it has been tricky especially with sensitive skin.

Not only is my skin sensitive but as I get older I have noticed a lot of discoloration such as dark spots and larger pores. All these things I have been looking to remedy and it hasn't been easy.

Recently I have decided to turn to face masks not only because they are the new go to in skin care at the moment but to see if they are beneficial.

I decided to try out the Miss Spa brand because of the variety of options. I personally decided to try exfoliate, 24k gold radiance mask, charcoal clarifying mask, and the detox masks. Here is my review of Miss Spa masks and masks in general.

The exfoliate mask was not what I expected. I was expecting true exfoliation like you would use in a cream based exfoliate, I honestly did not see any difference.

The 24k gold radiance mask was okay. It was simply the gold that gave radiance and not the mask giving a clear and fresh look. It also irritated my skin a couple hours later I would not suggest using this mask even though it sounds like fun. 

With the detox mask I had no complaints but I did not see a huge difference to my face in the sense of detoxing.

I am a huge fan of charcoal masks! I have seen a drastic change in the clarity of my skin and my pores have gotten a lot smaller, this is now my go to!

Finally I had been experiencing dry lips due to the weather and saw these Milani Keep It Sweet Sugar Lip Scrub and Luxe Lip Treatment! These are amazing, my lips have been soft for days after use! On the plus side it tastes good haha! At first I was hesitant if it would work and I was extremely pleased!

Here is to happy and fresh skin!