6 Simple Self Care Tips

At the present moment I have found myself in a personal rut. I know we all deal with this from time to time whether it be from our job, too much time focused on our significant other or families and less on our self, lack of sleep, or maybe we just aren't eating health (guilty!). This feeling can make us feel run down or running for the hills!

Whatever it may be taking care of YOU should always be the first and most important step to your daily well being. Taking care of you first nurtures happiness not only in yourself but those around you and creates a more confident you!

Here are my 6 simple self care tips to help you feel amazing!


I'll be honest, I am a big fan of alone time! Working in retail like I do can be mentally exhausting and just being able to take a quiet moment for myself at least once a day can be rejuvenating. It may just be relaxing with a book, a bubble bath, enjoying a cup of coffee, or even watching your favorite show with a delicious meal can be just the kind of moment you need to help you regroup and refocus.



Have you ever noticed how many times you have been complimented when you chose a special outfit? Maybe it was that new dress you have been holding off on because you felt unsure because it did not fit quite right but you decided to rock anyway?!

Whenever I am feeling less than stellar I find that taking time to put on a nicer outfit, even if it is just for myself really makes me feel good! You will feel happier and people will notice! If you are like myself just remember being a little heavier and having a fuller figure doesn't mean you cannot look and feel your best. Just give it a try and see what happens!


Get more sleep, this is essential! I am not very good at this myself, especially being the night owl I am but it is definitely something I have been mindful of. If this is something you struggle with like me first start by simply eliminating any distractions like TV's or mobile phones, guilty as charged! Oops!

Getting a consistent amount of sleep per night is so important to helping you feel happier. Plus it really helps you look younger too! First simply try picking a bed time you can abide by like midnight and once you get into a rhythm you will see how much better you feel!


Exercising should not feel like a chore but often times it can especially when getting started. How can we know how important it is for us but do the exact opposite?!

Exercising is one of the most important self care tips, besides healthy eating that can be so beneficial to our happiness. If you find getting into a pattern to be hard find a friend, family member, or even a coworker to do it with you! You can make it fun by making it into a contest, like the Biggest Loser and documenting your journey. Or maybe you try out classes at your local gym that you both have always wanted to do like cycling or zumba. Whatever it is being fit doesn't have to be a drag!

Even finding fitspo inspiration online that can help motivate you to be a healthier version of you and you will start noticing how great you feel and look!


I cannot emphasis how essential this self care tip is! Drinking at least 64 oz of water a day, taking multivitamins, and eating healthy well balanced meals is so important. Try making this into a lifestyle change instead of just another diet; by doing this it can change your whole outlook on being healthier and happier instead of dreading the diet.

I know that eating well makes me feel good mentally, physically, and emotionally. Honestly it can be hard when you are running out the door and can literally choose whatever is around you. But those greasy, sugary, and heavy fatty foods can often leave you feeling lethargic and bloated.

The easiest thing to do is meal prep for the week whether it is on your day off or even the night before. Having a healthy meal that I can grab on the go is so much easier and cheaper! I mean you really are what you eat, so reach for happiness!

Aren't sure where to get started? Here is where I got my meal plans from that sent me in the right direction. Stacey has created amazing meal plans that are delicious and affordable!

Here I am sharing very personal photos of myself. One is from December 2015 (left) when I was at my heaviest and unhappiest at 200 pounds. Through Stacey's meal plans in just 4 months, beginning in January 2016, I lost 40 pounds just by eating right without exercise and felt better than ever! This is just the middle of my weight lose journey, remember there is always a middle. Through my knowledge with the meal plans I have been able to better control my weight and have barely gained anything back in a year.


Try updating your look! Getting a new hair cut or color, getting your nails done, or even trying out some new skin care products you've been dying to try can be all the difference!

I know many of us, including myself, can easily skip out on taking care of our look when life gets busy. But taking that extra moment every day and night, especially coming out of the winter months where our skin is left extra dry is totally worth it! And not to mention us ladies should always take a moment to tend to our skin especially as we get older starting at 25 years old. 

One skin care product I had been dying to try is specialty face masks, like gold and charcoal masks. When I finally did I was blown away at how soft my skin was and even days later by how clean my skin looked.

What are some ways you take care of you?!

Hopefully these simple tips can help you feel happier throughout this Spring and onward!