Make-Up: Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Review

I have been pretty busy lately photographing for some clients, but that doesn't stop me from doing some make-up reviews, even if it's a day late!

Back in June I purchased my first Kylie Cosmetics lip kit in Freedom! Even though I usually go for the standard lip shades I am always down for things that are different!

I definitely made sure I rocked Freedom for the 4th of July! Freedom has amazing pigmentation, the perfect shade of dark blue!

With all the lip kits you'll want to make sure to use the liner that comes with the kits, it really helps set the colors on your lips. And you might also want to apply the colors over your lips a few times because it can create a streaked look as well.

The next shade I opted to try was Trick which is a dark green with plans of using it for my Halloween costumer as Poison Ivy, unfortunately due to a wicked cold I stayed in but I really fell in love with this shade!

I love how oddly subtle Trick is in comparison to Freedom.
Both shades are mattes and boy do they stay on! Make sure to moisturize you lips prior to adding any of the matte shades because they can leave your lips feeling dry.

The easiest way to get the color off your lips?! Coconut oil!! Soap and makeup remover that isn't oil based does not remove the color very easily but coconut oil takes it right off and helps moisturize your lips.

If you want a color that lasts all day and does not come off Kylie Cosmetics is the way to go!