It's the Great Pumpkin

Growing up in California until the age of 13, when we moved to Washington, we had never gone to a pumpkin patch and had always purchased our pumpkins at the grocery store; the weather isn’t exactly ideal for a pumpkin harvest. Annual outings are now a seasonal must for me after moving to Washington, it is such a special and reminiscent time especially when I can take friends and loved ones with me.

This year was wonderful! I decided it was best to go earlier in the season when their wasn’t only more options to choose from but to avoid the crowds. We got there around 9:30am with a couple of friends of ours, found parking easily, and enjoyed the early morning chatting and drinking coffee.

After choosing the best “pumpkin-looking” pumpkins we ended the outing by tucking in with a cozy breakfast. If this is not the most ideal October Saturday morning I don’t know what is?!