Autumn Bucket List

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are October’s” - L.M. Montgomery

After a week of 80 degree end of summer heat that always hits the PNW in the last week of September it has officially become Autumn and I couldn’t be more excited! The leaves are changing, the air is becoming crisp; I’ve already had seasonal candles burning and have drank plenty of pumpkin spice. I can’t complain, life is pretty good especially when it’s Autumn!

With plenty of trips and fun adventures planned for October I thought I’d share my Autumn bucket list for the season!


All photos by the talented Brian Liesse

Autumn Bucket List

  1. Go apple picking with Brandon for the first time

  2. Go to the pumpkin patch and actually carve them this year

  3. Visit the Leavenworth Oktoberfest

  4. Have a Harry Potter marathon

  5. Watch Gilmore Girls, again. (I love rewatching Gilmore Girls every Autumn!)

  6. Bake a lot! Apple pie, pumpkin goodies, carrot cake, cinnamon rolls from scratch, etc!

  7. Go to a Halloween party in couple costumes again with Brandon

  8. Do lots of Halloween inspired shoots

  9. Fall fashion photos in Seattle and general fall inspired looks

  10. Go hiking and take some foggy mountain photos around Rainier

  11. Enjoy a jack-o-lantern pizza on Halloween night

  12. More cozy home/décor photos

  13. Do fall inspired make up looks

  14. Backyard campfire with friends, warm apple cider, and maybe even some ghost stories

  15. Build a blanket fort and watch Hocus Pocus

Comment below with your Autumn plans!

Happy haunting my fellow hippies!