New Spaces: Fall Dining Room

In the beginning of August I moved to a new place and FINALLY had the time to really organize and decorate!

One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is getting to decorate my spaces to create this cozy and homey atmosphere!


I moved to a much smaller space so the hardest part was trying to figure out where to fit everything and what to get rid of.


I am in love with the collage wall I created with some of my photography, personal photos, and other knick knacks and vintage pieces. I love the vintage frames I found at the thrift store but especially these '60s floral hand painted wooden plates!

My favorite pumpkins are the small ones because they come in lots of shades plus they are perfect to make any room scream fall and are small enough to wherever!

I enjoyed the rest of the day listening to The Best Of '66 on my record player, playing Two Dots (a very addictive phone game), and cuddled with my kitty Dumbledore and Brandon.