Thrifty Thursday: Seasonal Finds

It has been a minute since I have done a Thrifty Thursday! But if I am being honestly I'm sad to say I just haven't seen anything good until recently despite the countless trips I've dragged my loving boyfriend on!

I've have been on a search for an affordable and vintage inspired dining room table but nothing has caught my eye yet but I did manage to grab some awesome pieces for super affordable prices!

This high waisted skirt was a $5 steal! I love the '60s-'70s print throughout and the vibrant colors. A perfect Fall find that I will definitely be rocking on Thanksgiving paired with the mustard yellow turtle neck I found for $4!!

And last but not least this funky sweater was a must have for $6, it has that '80s flare that I have always loved; did I mention I dressed in all '80s clothes for most of tenth grade?! Plus it has leather patch work detail that instantly sold me. I mean who doesn't love a fun sweater?!

Happy Thrifting!