Holiday Gift Ideas for Him & Her

I have to apologize for being so off the radar everyone! I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me! With the holidays coming up, and working in retail, my schedule has been everywhere and I've been working at different locations. Not to mention Brandon started a new job (woot!) where our schedules are completely opposite. It's definitely been an adjustment period! But now I'm fully back!

I can't fight it anymore, tis the season to embrace Christmas especially with only a week and a half till Thanksgiving! Seriously where did the year go?!

I'll soon be sharing my 12 Days of Christmas DIY gifts but first if you're not quite sure what to get for that special someone or family member/friend I've personally compiled some great gift ideas for Him & Her!


1.) Shaving Kit - this is an organic kit from Bambu Earth!

2.) A personal cocktail bar kit and cocktail cook books!

3.) Video game consoles! Now this isn't just your normal X-Box but now you can get some rebooted classics! Including:

4.) Beanies are great for an outfit or to keep you warm.

5.) Hiking Boots and Gear for that outdoorsy man in your life!

6.) For that man who's not afraid to be different!

7.) Star Wars or pop culture items for your little nerd!

8.) Crosley and LP's for the music lover!

9.) Books for your manly book worm!

10.) Polaroid Camera and film for your art lover!



1.) Marble Phone Case with Cat Headphones, fashionable and perfect for selfies!

2.) Polaroid Camera and film for your insta photo lover!

3.) Photo Clip String Set, a perfect match to the Polaroid camera!

4.) At Home Spa Kit, for the girl who deserves a day of relaxation!

5.) Make-Up Set and/or brushes for the make-up lover!

6.) Zodiac Charm Necklace with Jewelry Holder

7.) Terrariums and Plant Accessories for a green thumb!

8.) Wall Art

9.) Fun cozy sweaters!

10.) Crosley and LP's for your classic music lover!