February: Health & Fitness Update

Oh February, where do I start? In my favorite spot in our kitchen..?!


Health and fitness wise February started slowly but ended in really good stride quite literally. I finally have found a rhythm and it feels great to be in a positive and healthy mind set again! Although March hasn't started as well as I would of hoped; our anniversary is on March 3rd which I automatically like to enjoy a good meal (there's nothing wrong with that!) and sadly I was also laid off with about 50 others with my last day on March 30th. Needless to say, I am a stress eater so I have not been as healthy as I would prefer but I am still trying! Regardless, a few days of bad eating may set me back a step but won't stop this positive energy!

March is the month of Spring and a time to "bloom" though! I am going to continue taking the healthy steps I have started in February by continuing to:

  • Drink 64oz of water and detox tea at nightly
  • Going to bed at a regular time
  • Continuing to share my journey on Instagram: This has been a positive way for me to hold myself accountable and consistent while encouraging others with my work outs or sharing some of the foods I'm meal prepping for the week.
  • HIIT work outs: I love HIIT! I can feel my body get stronger with each work out!
  • Meal prepping every Sunday & healthy meals: Having healthy cook books and recipes is a great way to enjoy great healthy and unique foods so you don't get bored! Here are some of our favorite cook books below!