"New Year, New Me"

Every year we hear the phrase, "New Year, New Me" which eventually turns into 2 weeks tops and "old you" habits. 

Whenever the holidays come around I instantly start thinking of ways I can stay eating healthy and exercising regularly without gaining the holiday cushion which makes us feel tired and run down once we get into the New Year.

I'm sharing some simple tips I personally follow that'll help you stay healthy and focused through the holidays and into the New Year feeling fresh and really feeling like a new YOU!


1. Keep a Food Journal

my fitness.jpg

Keeping a food journal is the best way to keep yourself accountable! It is a visual representation of what you're putting in your body, when you can see not only the calories but the nutrients and macros it is extremely helpful! I personally love using the app My Fitness Pal and have been for years! You can easily put in your weight lose goals, scan in your food, and log in your water, exercise, and more!

2. Drink that H2O

Water is so essential for not only weight lose but for your whole body functions. Every wonder how you weigh less in the morning?! That's because your body has lost tons of water over night. Drinking 8oz in the morning when you wake up can re-hydrate your body and help you wake up! Plus it's excellent for helping you stay full through out the day and avoid needless snacking. Drinking 64 oz or half of your body weight in water daily will help your entire body and you'll also see the benefits of glowing skin!

3. Create an Exercise Schedule

Plan 5.jpg

Exercise in my opinion can be the hardest part of creating a healthy lifestyle. Although powering through those first 60 days can be hard, it is extremely beneficial in many ways. I know for me regular exercise makes my whole body feel strong and awake, I rarely ever feel sluggish when I am exercising consistently! Start small by creating a schedule you can follow and check it off as you go, this will encourage you to keep going!!

4. Meal Prep once a week

food 2.jpg

This is so important to helping keep on track, plus it'll save a lot of money in the long run. It is super convenient to be able to grab healthy meals straight from the refrigerator without a worry! Find a meal plan that works for you! Don't think of it as a diet, think of it as a lifestyle change and remember a cheat meal occasionally is also beneficial to weight lose!