2019 Goals

Oh hey, 2019!


Happy New Year my fellow hippies!

2019 feels like it is going to be one of the best years as I head in with big hopes and dreams! There is many exciting events coming and lots of trips already planned, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you!

This year I resolve not to have resolutions, they’re not attainable year after year as I make the same list. This year I am continuing to make goals, I am aiming to approach life with a playful spirit, to laugh and enjoy the little things. To keep the standards for myself high and my level of self love and acceptance higher. To leave room in life for a little magic, to make plans and be ok if they’re don’t work out perfectly, and most importantly to be forever open to change.

2019 GOALS:

  • SAVE: One of my biggest goals heading into 2019 is to save! I have been saving weekly throughout 2018 for our European trip but we have 3 trips currently planned for the year. I am also saving for a new computer, a new car, and for our move to a house in June. Much to think about but I’m so excited for change.

  • TRAVEL: I LOVE to travel and getting to see a whole other part of the world I only dreamed of, it brings me an immense amount of joy. You learn about the world and more about yourself when you travel, experiencing changes you in ways you never thought of. Truly transformative!

    In 2019 we’re going to Denver in March, California this summer, and a European tour from Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, London, Paris, and Amsterdam! We’re also planning future trips through 2020 from the East coast, Florida, Hawaii, an Asian tour, and even a possible Southwest trip! I’ve always had a hunger to see the world and that has grown exponentially in the last few years especially.

  • HEALTH & FITNESS: I’ve always tried to make my health and fitness an importance in my life, in 2018 I made big strives and I’m excited to see what continues in 2019. I am fortunate to have a strong foundation of people who support and believe in me. I hope through my growth with my health journey I see my confidence and self love continue to blossom; be sure to keep an eye out for future updates including not only fitness but self care and more!

  • BLOGGING: In the later part of 2018 I really felt myself grow in blogging and understanding what being a blogger is. I felt a confusion of what I was doing, where I wanted to go, what to share etc for so long. It’s a confusing journey that can only be learned through time just like anything. As a blogger in 2019 I hope to share quality content, to share more of who I am by being authentically me and self love, and begin using YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms of social media even more.


    • Go to a hot air balloon festival

    • Get a new tattoo

    • Read 1 book monthly

    • Begin work on recipes for my cookbook

    • Continue working on my 30 Wishes for my 30s found on my blog post Hello 30

    • Go plastic free and begin working with a local organization to help with global warming

    • Continue trying to re-learn French


What you would like to see from TFH in 2019?! Comment below and let me know, whether it’s recipes, fashion, makeup looks, whatever!