17 Spring through Summer Date Ideas

With Spring in the air and the warm Summer days right around the corner I cannot wait to get out and have some good ol' fashion summer adventures!

Living in Washington it often feels like the rain will not let up, especially as we get closer and closer to summer. I mean just the other day we got 6-12 inches fresh snow in the mountain passes! But when summer is here I try to soak up as much sunshine and warm summer nights as I can, and that is definitely best spent with the amazing people in your life!

Here are 17 great Spring through Summer date ideas!

1.) Go hiking! It is the perfect way to see the beauty of the place you live plus it is a great work out!

bridal 1.jpg

2.) Go mini golfing or cosmic bowling

3.) Stargazing. Stargazing is one of my favorite summer past times, just enjoying the beauty with someone you love creates lasting memories for years to follow.

4.) Walk a street fair or farmer's market. This is definitely one of Brandon and my favorite things to do in the summer! Delicious food trucks or booths, fresh summer fruit and veggies, and art! It is always different every time and trying amazing new food is key!

5.) Go camping and make s'mores

6.) Have a roof top or patio happy hour! Summer just isn't complete without enjoying one happy hour with your BBQ.

7.) Have a season inspired picnic

8.) Have a water fight! Super soakers, water balloons, hoses! All options are game on!

9.) Ride a Ferris wheel or have a date day exploring your city. Find your new favorite restaurant in the city that is your new go to!

10.) Check out a music festival. Washington and Seattle particularly has tons of music festivals throughout the summer, and what's better than getting to listen to great music all day?! Nothing!

11.) Ice Cream cones! Must I say more?!

12.) Catch a movie at a drive-in or see if a park near you hosts outdoor movie nights! We really enjoyed catching outdoor movies last summer at our favorite park, Gene Coulon! Plus there are burger and shake options, plus a killer view looking out onto the Puget Sound!

13.) Watch a sunrise or a sunset together! Checking out the sunrise over coffee and doughnuts or that sunset over a glass of wine is a great beginning or end of any day.

sunset 1.jpg

14.) Have an "extreme" date! Go sailing, sky diving, go on a hot air balloon ride, or learn how to shoot from a bow and arrow! This will definitely a date for the books!

15.) Simple date days! A day roller skating, kite flying, or go on a bike ride along the pier or beach boardwalk. Maybe even catch a baseball game!

16.) Take a day or weekend road trip! Spending the day driving with the windows down and the music blaring makes for a great road trip! Check out that little beach town you both have been dying to go to or head into the mountains for the day. Getting away for every day life even for the day can really revitalize you!

17.) Go to the zoo! I love going to the zoo, it is so reminiscent of when I was little.