Rainy Day Planning

Life is a messy journey but I like it because sometimes we are going to succeed and sometimes we are going to fail. But the best thing we can do is love each other through it all the same. Recently I needed a shoulder to lean on and Brandon was immediately there to offer his, and so many other amazing people in my life that never stop believing in me and for that I'm continually surrounded by love and am forever thankful.

As Macklemore once said, "I can't control life, but I can control how I react to it."

Therefore today, less than 24 hours since the news, I chose to pick myself up and literally plan the next great adventure, where ever it may take me. I did not want to be sad and let it affect me negatively.

I relaxed in my positive space with the rain pattering outside the window, a hot cup of tea, candles burning, and my kitty curdled up near me.

Plan 2.jpg

I like planning, it is one of the few ways that helps me feel organized. I generally like to spend time monthly planning my blog posts, hikes, work, shoots, events, or anything else that may be happening throughout the month.

Today I found these amazing little page flags and post it's at Target for only a $1 each! Perfect for any planner!

Plan 8.jpg

After all the planning, photo studying, and intermittent cleaning, I felt I was in a very positive space.

What are some thing you like to do to help you stay organized?