Flower Crown: Seasonal Edition

Brandon and I did funny and sweet holiday photos together a few weekends ago! I wanted to add some holiday cheer to our sweet couples photos that wasn't just a santa hat!

I decided to create a boutineer for him and a flower crown for myself!

What will you need?!

  • wire cutters
  • safety bin for the boutineer
  • floral tape in green
  • a small wreath and/or holiday faux foliage (found at Michael's and Jo-Ann's)

The boutineer I wanted to keep simple but still be similar to my flower crown. I found the perfect piece in a holiday bin at Jo-Ann Fabrics! Using the wire cutters I cut the stem down. I then opened the safety pin and placed it where I wanted it to go along the stem and what side of the boutineer I wanted to show. I cut a piece of my floral tape and slowly wrapped the safety pin to the stem. Super easy too!

Then I started working on my flower crown! I found a amazing small wreath at Michael's that I thought would be perfect for the pictures!

I took my separate floral piece of red berries and using my wire cutters cut 4 long pieces off, one for each pine cone. Next I cut my wreath in half on one side and measured it to my head! I wrapped the ends with floral tape so the wires didn't poke me.

Finally I wrapped the berries near the pine cones, securing each piece with floral tape.

Super cute and easy! Plus it can always be used as a wall or door decoration when you're not wearing it!