Autumn Lovin'

I always fall in love with Autumn in Seattle!


Don't you just love taking a stroll through a park on that perfect sunny Autumn day?! There is a specific place in Seattle that is magically Autumn to me, it that has always been the epitome of Autumn and that is Volunteer Park!

It has the most beautiful leaves covering the ground that you can run through and/or jump in and crunch the leaves! My joyful spirit always comes out once I am surrounded by leaves and the holiday season. Growing up in California in the middle of the desert until the age of 13 didn't grant a lot of leaf jumping so although I may be older I still full embrace the ability to!

And sometimes a leaf might just land in you hair!

Brandon and I really enjoyed the afternoon walking around the park and playing in the leaves! Plus I had the honor of getting to photograph a friend's maternity photos which went amazing!

It was simply the perfect end of October autumn day!