Fair-y Adventures

The Washington State Fair, or best know as The Puyallup Fair "Do the Puyallup" is a end of summer staple here in Washington!

The best time to appreciate a Krusty Pup, elephant ears, Earthquake burger, or a caramel apples and enjoy rides and carnival games which always reminds me of the movie "Adventureland" which I highly recommend!

It was my boyfriend's first time EVER at a fair so we made sure to make the most of it! We enjoyed an ice cream cone together, margaritas, and while he opted for a different take on a Philly cheese steak, I went for a taco salad.

We had met up with some wonderful friends of mine and enjoyed a couple of drinks in the beer garden. Finally it was time to play some games and ride some rides!
Since he had never been to a fair it meant he had never been on a Ferris wheel or a roller coaster! So we did both! I was definitely a memorable time that we got to spend together and the view was one of the best parts.

The fair has always been a great experience for me throughout the years and I'm always thankful that I get to spend it with the special people in my life.