Pumpkin Days

Pumpkin patches are nostalgic for me, they always remind me of my childhood. My sister, mom, and I would pick the ones we loved best to create on. I usually would spend hours on mine creating lots of details throughout.   

I love the colors, textures, and shapes of pumpkins! Besides the changing of leaves, pumpkins are such a strong representation of the Autumn season for me.

The best part about this local pumpkin patch is the beautiful view of Mt. Rainier and also getting to experience it with Brandon who had never been to a pumpkin patch before was great!

We just wandered about and checked out all the fresh produce they had like these beautiful apples!

To keep it short but sweet, nothing is better than experiencing life with people you love. Life gets busy but make sure you get out and see; experience and cherish those moments! You'll always be thankful that you did.