Volunteer Park Conservatory

This last weekend was beautifully sunny and it was perfect for visiting the Volunteer Park Conservatory. If you have never been it's an absolute must especially if you're a fellow plant lover! There are 4 separate houses dedicated to different types of plants including cactus' and succulents, palms, bromeliad and ferns, and seasonal greenery. I could spend my whole day here admiring each species!

Next we ventured over to Mr. West Cafe Bar on Olive Way for brunch! Brandon got the Italian sausage hearty toast with a matcha latte while I got a iced mocha and the avocado toast with an egg, it was absolutely delicious! The servings are definitely worth the price, I even pawned some of my food off on Brandon because it was so filling. We are definitely going back because I've been daydreaming about avocado toast since Saturday!