Up, Up, and Away

I know I am kicking the ball a little too early on this but I am so excited I just had to share!

Traveling overseas is constantly on my mind, I feel like I live in a state of constant wanderlust! Can't a girl just see the world darn it?! For two years now though Brandon and I have been talking a lot about our future overseas travels and where we would like to go. We have held off for a while now because of job changes, moving, and school; you know trying to be smart and sensible adults, and all that. Plus we have opted to also spend more time traveling locally through hikes and mini roadtrips, we already have two trips planned for this year!

Here's the exciting news though! This last November we decided we would get our passports in January as one of our New Years Resolutions and today we started the steps! While I am renewing my passport, Brandon is getting his for the first time and we are both thrilled. We got our photos taken and the paper work, and since January first we have been saving $20 a week towards our plane tickets! Dreams do come true!

travel 2.jpg

Where are we planning on traveling to you may be wondering?

First Stop - New York: A flight to New York from Seattle is only $280 right now round trip and to London $471! What amazing deals! I have always wanted to go to New York just to experience the city that never sleeps and have a slice of pizza! I am hoping to be in New York for a couple days to before jetting off to..

Second Stop - Iceland: I have been dying to go to Iceland for years. The natural beauty of this island with its black sand beaches, volcanos, waterfalls, icebergs, I could keep going, and the opportunity to see the Northern Lights! It would be ideal after a busy city like New York to hunker down for a couple days and be around unbelievable natural beauty!

Third Stop - EUROPE: I have been dying to go back to Europe since I went over 10 years ago to London. Since it is so cheap to travel through Europe whether by plane or train it is a must to see as much as you can! At the moment Ireland, Scotland, Germany, London, and Paris are all on the list now we are even considering Amsterdam, Spain, and Italy. Who knows what else we will plan on seeing!

travel 1.jpg

If you have any tips of places to see, eat, stay, or more comment below!