Christmas at Crystal Mountain

This month our weekends have been filled with fun holiday outings and some quiet moments at home decorating, baking cookies, and watching holiday movies!

This last weekend we headed up to Crystal Mountain to play in the snow and have holiday photos taken again this year by my dear friend Brian. One of my absolute favorite parts about driving to the mountains and snow is seeing the world change instantly. It's beautiful, magical, and I'm filled with child-like excitement!

snow 1.jpg

Once we arrived we enjoyed some lunch and drinks before adventuring into the snow, the day was perfect with a little bit of snow falling and bits of blue sky.

Our first spot was at a pile of stacked firewood, a beautiful contract to the snow.

We walked around, taking in all the beauty of the day. Had a mini snow ball fight, just having too much fun!

Next we headed onto the gondola to look out to the summit. It was amazing! For me it was how I envisioned it would look like on top of the wall in Game of Thrones! I loved the snow covered rivers and the way the fog and snow would roll through over the cascade mountains.

snow 8.jpg

It was incredibly cold so we made our way back down the mountain and finished our Christmas photos with one more look!

It was a wonderful and fun snow day spent with special people and a lifetime of memories.

Happy Holidays everyone from us to you!