TV Shows Binged this Winter


While work weeks are usually very busy the weekends pose the perfect opportunities to have a quiet TV binge day with some popcorn and snacks especially during Winter!

Winter is the perfect season to catch up on any TV series you've been either dying to watch or haven't had the time to catch up on! When the weather is too cold to want to spend much time out and about, or even look cute since we're all bundled up, why not bundle up with some of my current favorites Brandon and I have watched this Winter!

What have I been watching?!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I am in love with this show and basically binged it in less than a week, it's just so good! If you're a huge fan of Gilmore Girls like I am you'll love this witty Amazon Prime original. It's set in the 1950's following the classic housewife Midge Maisel through her slow rise into the comedy world, learning who she is, and all the ups and downs of relationships and life. It's a definite must!

The Sopranos

Now I know what you may be thinking, how have I never seen this show?! I know, I know even I'm surprised. It was definitely not my first choice but Brandon insisted and once I started watching I was hooked! It was definitely interesting seeing the representations of what the mob may be like, the dynamic of being a part of that, and the truth of being human.

The White Queen

Yes! I love this show! I'm a huge history fan so if you're a fan of history biopics like myself this is a must watch! This show is also an Amazon Prime original and is based on a book regarding the War of the Roses and the relationship of the newly crowned Edward IV and "common" woman Elizabeth Woodville. It follows their lives together and the all the tribulations that only love and war during those time may bring.

The Wire

This show is a must if you like crime dramas! I loved the character development and the different story lines through out ever single season through the "mean" streets of Baltimore. I found myself strongly attached to the story lines of the "criminals", it brought a truth and reality to human behavior and the fight to survive at any length. It's definitely a must watch!


What are some of your top shows to binge yearly?! Here are my top 5!


Gilmore Girls

Game of Thrones

The Office

Sex and the City