2017 Review & New Years Resolutions


What can I say about you 2017? You were a good year overall. In other ways I do not mean to sound bleak or emotional but, you did not turn out the way I anticipated you to go. 2017 had heights of happiness but it was filled with moments of personal disappointments.

Each year I set to achieve goals within myself and each year it is all but the same. I am thankful for all the changes that have been made in the latter part of this year which will just make the future so much more joyous. I am thankful for the beautiful friendships I have made, the reconnections with old beloved friends, and the huge support circle of friends and family I have in my life.  

This year I have seen myself be less consistent and distant from this amazing blog I created. I have considered changing the name countless of times, I have found myself making excuses whether it be with my time or feeling insecure within myself which is holding me back from sharing. This blog is a way to know myself more and to share a piece of myself with all of you. Most of all my insecurity within myself by gaining weight especially has left me feeling less like sharing anything because of the lack of confidence within myself but no more!



  • LOSE WEIGHT: I turn 30 (#thisis30) in 2018 and with that comes a whole new self! I want to live a healthier life with all the hopeful changes coming in 2018 and I'll be sharing that with you. (Comment below if you would like to see my weight lose and what I am doing health wise to get there.)
  • TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL! There have been talks of adventures overseas to Iceland and Europe for 2018, Brandon and I are renewing and getting our passports this month, so exciting! There will be more trips to Portland, Los Angeles, and more. Plus we may be moving to New York, Los Angeles, or relocating in Washington. We will see where this year takes us!
  • FASHION & BEAUTY: I am going to be more active with fashion and especially beauty on YouTube. Sharing, for now, monthly tutorials and products I am trying. I am nervous and excited to see what I create.
  • CONSISTENCY: Consistency has always been a hard spot for me, it is one of my worst qualities I think. Although I am a hard worker when it comes to school or work, I am not as consistent in all parts of my life that I am passionate about and focusing on my art is number one!

I want to go with the flow more, I do not want to be so stuck in my agenda and life long plan. 2018, I cannot say I hope you'll be better than 2017 but rather I cannot wait to see where you take me!